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Need help!!

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Got a problem and asking you guys for help!

This is a little difficult to explaine without the circuit diagram. (tried to post it here but you don´t see anything, to small.)

Anyway, trying to put a -99 left handle turnsignal/headlight dimmer/horn switch to a -00 R1.

First the headlight turned on when I hit the turn signals button and the turn signal relay klicked when I hit the horn button... LOL.. managed to fix that and now everything is working exept the dimmer switch.

On the -99 you got the followin wiring:
blue/black, brown, black, brown/white and red/yellow.

From the -00 I´ve got the same exept for the BLUE/BLACK wire. When I look at the -99 circuit diagram that one goes straight to the lights switch.
Easy I thought, just put the blue/black directly to the red/yellow, that according to the -00 circuit diagram goes directly to the headlight relay.

NO, didn´t work. Headlight goes on without touching the switch and turn signals went nuts.

Do I have to put the blue/black in to the light switch (right hand side) or in to the headlight relay?

If they just took the blue/black wire away on the -00 you must be able to get everything to work with the remaining wires?

Please, if any of you are any good with reading circuit diagrams (I´m not!) I´ll e-mail them to you and explain further.


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