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Hey gang,
My buddy just ran out of gas on the way to lunch from work. I need some good way of making him feel like a jacka$$ and need some ammo. He's got a 750 Katana w/gas guage to make it even more embarrasing for him. He's new to the motorcycle game so a proper initiation is in order....:confused:


ahhh hahaha


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I never ever ran out of gas :) Well, that is not totaly true :p
When I had my first bike (a 94 EX500) I was ridding a long heading home when the bike stopped running..
I was like :confused:
Turns out I was out of gas :cryin but then remembered that I can switch to the reserve :thumbup
Got her going again and went to the nearest gas station. Ever since then I always put gas on my bikes at 110 miles no matter how much gas I actually had.

Your friend's Katana has a reserve so tell him to switch to the reserve next time and not admit that he ran out of gas or he needs to make sure that the petcock valve is not selected to the reserve :iamwithst

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I got a good one for ya...

I was going back to work after lunch one day three years ago. My bike died (out of gas) on the free way in a construction zone. I had to push the damn thing quite a ways to the nearest exit. My fiance lived ~1 mile from the exit, and that where I kept the bike, so I figured I would push it to her house and fill it up with some gas that was in a can in the garage.

Mind you, it's about 95F out, and now I seriously late for work. As I get to about 1/2 a mile fron her house I walk past this dude in his driveway with his back turned to me. I keep walking and hear someone call out my name... Oh great, it's my boss, he's standing in his driveway organizing things for a garage sale.

Why aren't you at work!?!?!?

ME: ummm..well... the bike ran outta gas... wait, why aren't you at work?

He was cool about it and gave me enough gas to make it to the gas station, but he made me buy some shit from his garage sale..

It was a '92 katana 750 , also w/ a gas gauge.


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This didn't happen on my bike but in my car, hope this counts. I ran out of gas on the way home, while driving with a suspended license and an insurance block on the car. While walking back from the gas station there was the popo sitting behind me. So I'm thinking shit I'm busted, he's going to tow the car give me a ticket. Now while he sitting in the car I'm filling the tank thinking that he is waiting for me to get in the drivers seat and then ticket me. Well after which seemed like an hour, I get the car started he waved goodbye and turned the other way.:cool:

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No gas guage on this one....

I took a ride into the foothills on my Triumph 955i a couple of summers ago. There's no gas for about 75 miles.

The low fuel light comes on when I'm 45 miles out, and I decide to make the trip back instead of heading up the hill. Fortunately, the bike started to sputter while I was going downhill and I was able to shift into neutral and carry enough speed to make it about five miles, where the road flattens, then has an uphill grade for about a half mile.

Fortunately, some goof had rolled his Mustang right at that point in the road, and there was a tow truck driver on the scene who gave me a gallon of gas to get the rest of the way down the hill. :)

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When I was younger I used to sneak out my older brothers bike, id say I was probably 15 years old at the time. Anyway, one time I took it out and about 2 miles away after riding for a bit it died on me.. I was pretty :mad: .... I had to push it all the way home. (88 gsxr 750) I felt like such a retard.... Anyway, later that day I in our garage I saw my brother getting ready to take it out.. I was hiding watching him try to start it and hoping it wouldn't be the death of me. All of a sudden I had heard the bike turn over and start.. I walked over to him and he looked at me and said, "you have to turn the fuel line off of reserve when you ride"... Then I got a beat down!

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I ran out one time on my bike. Bike quits running and I had no idea why...:confused: So I keep hitting the starter to try and get it going and finally figured out that it was low on gas. Switched to reserver and the battery didn't have enough juice to turn it over. So I pushed to the top of a slight hill and tried to jump it... stupid ass me forgets to turn the key on and of course it won't start. So now I am back at the bottom. Finally, another biker pulls over and helps me to push it back up the hill and i got it fired up that time. I felt like a real dumbass.... Needless to say, I'm pretty careful about my fuel now. How embarrassing.
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