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I was on R6-forum.com and did not get what I needed. I have an 03R6 and Gilles rearsets. I just converted them over to GP shifting and I cant seem to get them to work.
The R1 took 20 mins and works perfectly but the R6 is a pain in the A$$.

Anyway, When I am pushing down to shift to 2nd,3rd etc it sticks down. So I adjust the arm the opther direction and then it will not shift back to the lower gears (not enough motion to get the trans to switch gears. ) Anyway, if anyone has or has seen pics of the Gilles rearsets on the R6, I need some pics so I can see what I have set up wrong. If U have pics, links whatever. Hook a brother up so I can check this off the list of stuff to get done on the race bike.........................

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