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Ok I have a few bikes all are ducati except my R6
I just bought a Ducati S4R blue and white off EBAY
So anyway I win the auction and go to OKC ducati dealer from Denver 20 HR's in 2 days. So I get the bike home I look
it over really close and notice that the tank and the rest of the bike dont
quite match. Just a little off. Also one piece of carbon fiber is cleared over
and the rest of the carbon is raw.

So Im now thinking that the bike has been in a wreck. Well I start digging I find the original owner and he will not respond to email but he calls the dealer.
The dealer states that he just found out that the bike was at a track
day and was low sided. "Before he worked there.
My question is what should I do? The dealer states
they will take it back and all is good but then Im out the bike and all the time
I put into it. What do you guys think.??? It seems good it runs good and except for the tank being just a little off that seems to be the only real issue
what would you do???

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