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Need some Gsxr 600 parts

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ya ya I know its not a gixxer forum but I dont like the other forum.

I need some stuff for a project I'm building.

I need the upper fairing bracket for a 97-00 gixxer 600/750
also I need all the switches, clutch actuator, throttle tube and any fasteners that might fit (windscreen...fairing bolts or whatever) and a taillight.
basically I'm converting a crashed race bike back to street form so I'll have a rat bike to ride this summer. Its not my first choice but insurance on the1 was too much and I had to sell it.

Any help would be appreciated. I've already got a great deal on a set of bodywork and a headlight from Airborne so I'm hoping I can find the rest of the parts right here in our little forum.
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gsxr parts

I have the switches, clutch lever, throttle tube and taillight.
Sorry for the delay responding. I'm going by the shop tonight to see what else I need. I'll PM you tomorrow about the parts.
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