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YellowSnow said:
I'm trying to decide on either a full Yoshimura Tri oval system...or just a slip on. I love to haul ass and love canyon running...so whatda you guys think? I dont plan on going on the track.thx!
Think Outside the Box -

Sato Racing TI slip-on, incredable build quality/fit, excellent low/mid-range, unbelievably throaty sound from idle to WOT

Higher upsweep on pipe looks the works, combined with hand bent TI link pipe & TI can band, and optional TI hanger

Plus forum member "Windchasers" shop (GP-Nation) & Dan Kyle are both near you as well as Sato Racing, Inc., so it should make for a speedy delivery

KneeDraggers also distributes them now, as well.

For higher resolution pics check my webpage, link below-


1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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