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Need your help guys (Fiat problem)

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The Fiat kit for my 08 came with all the decals already installed on the plastics, they did a flawless job on them and everything looks great. The only loose stickers that came for me to install were the ones on the swingarm, had no problem with those. Instead of including a new windscreen they gave me the decal to install. I fukked up on the decal, at first it was really bad but I got it too look okay. I do have 2 imperfections in the decal though, on the top part (black area). Its not bad at all until you get close up and look for the imperfections.

Ive been trying through my dealership and through Yamaha directly to get my hands on a new sticker. I have a part number and a price, but it seems like nobody can get it. The part number for the decal kit is: IQG-00511-YS-00. This sticker kit included the windscreen emblem as well as the ones for the swingarm. Its only like 60 bucks or something, I just cant get my hands on it though!

If worst comes to worst and I cant get it by Spring time, I plan to have the whole front re-done and add in the #46 just like the real M1. I would rather keep the bike all original but I refuse to ride around with it like this.

I am dissapointed with Yamaha and my dealership. They are so quick to take your money and promise you the world, but when sh!t hits the fan they have nothing to say. One asshat from the product specialists division told me Id need to get an entire kit again LOL. Yeah... Okay.

Im hoping someone on here can help me out. With this kit only a few dealerships qualified to get them, if anyone knows of a dealership that has this kit, sold this kit, or is qualified to get one, please let me know because they may be able to get me this decal. Thanks guys!

PS: My dealership has a Fiat R1 for sale, they too screwed up on the install and need a new sticker. I doubt they would give it to me if they get it, they will probably install it on their own bike.

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Was near north sandiego yesterday and stopped by a dealearship in vista, ca... they had a fiat r1 display. When I go back down there (at palm springs area now) around thursday or friday, will ask them for you.
The wind screen at the show had the same thing going on but the white line at the top wasn't even lined up straight as yours. See if you can get a stock one painted with that scheme. Might be faster.
If for whatever reason i cant get my hands on another OEM decal, Im just gonna have the front end done like this:

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If for whatever reason i cant get my hands on another OEM decal, Im just gonna have the front end done like this:

I like that a lot! I would still get my hands on the stock sticker though eventually, just to have when you sell the bike one day - someone might want that for collectibility.

You could carefully cut that black piece off then spray the screen black from the back and it will look that glossy. It will get rid of the bit thats upsetting you until you get another one or go the 46 route.
Just a thought.
Man... this bike looks amazing... I would get a clear zero gravity (like Haga's ) and install on it...
I wouldn't sweat it, it probably is like that on alot of them, like that pic you put up though...
If you can't get it, this guy makes great decals for bikes.

kruzel (at)drippinwet.com

His work
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