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Hey all,

Just picked up a leftover 2018 R1 for a smokin deal. Going through the process of setting it up and wanted to thank all of you that has contributed your modification experiences. Makes my job a lot easier read the what and what not to do.

Bike is intended for 80% track and 20% street. ECU has been flashed and pipe, pegs, levers, etc, etc, etc installed. Have GP Suspension fork carts and and Ohlins TTX GP on the way. Looking forward to getting it dialed and getting out on track in October.

Was waiting for the new 2020 BMW RR but at $24k OTD for a first year Euro bike I decided to see what kind of deal I could work on a 2019 R1. Like I mentioned, found a 2018 for $15k OTD.

Really happy with the purchase so far.

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