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New Akra EVO system on Red One

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New pipes!! Well, make that a new system! Full Akra Evo! trying on the pics!
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Old-Ryder said:
i guess not
Are the pics on your Hard drive???? If so look at the bottom of the message window.... see the section called "attach file" to the right is a blank box with the button "browse" click browse and get the pic from you HD then hit OK. The pics path should show up... hit Submit Reply and it will show up in your message.

Down side... one pic per post. Up side, you dont have to upload them to a server and link. Beaware of the size limitations.

Also how much for the exhaust? I dont know why people say Akra is quite... today my friend dynoed her 02 with Akra Slipon and it was ear bleedingly loud in the upper revs. I think this time around I'm going with slip ons, I dont race so I dont need max HP.

Note... this isn't my bike. But I was looking around the net for all black bikes and I found this one. I've been playing with the idea of painting my 04 all black with no stickers, but I really love the candy red in the sun.


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1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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