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New Akra EVO system on Red One

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New pipes!! Well, make that a new system! Full Akra Evo! trying on the pics!
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Really nice system.Makes me want to get rid of stock.

MY GOD ! Do you think that cat is real or photoshop.
Diamond said:
Really nice system.Makes me want to get rid of stock.

MY GOD ! Do you think that cat is real or photoshop.
That girl sure has a big pussy.................cat!
I think it is real and i was not going to make the obvious joke about her pussy !!! lol The sound of the system is awsome! Deeper then stock and not obnoxious loud. But when you nail it and get up over about 9000 it is sweeeeeet!! I am just guessing , but with the real cat,lol and the ex-up valve gone i think i did lose over 5 lbs. The evo system is amazing as far as weight goes.
Also how much for the exhaust? I dont know why people say Akra is quite... today my friend dynoed her 02 with Akra Slipon and it was ear bleedingly loud in the upper revs.
Great looking bike and exhaust. I agree on the Akro sound. I have a Akro slipon on my '03 and it was far louder than the stock '04 that dyno'd the same day. I think it has a tone that is very smooth as compared to the more "raw" sound of other exhausts. It also doesn't seem to really get a lot of volume on my bike until 7k or so.
What kind of flush mount is that? thats a huge pussy he he
Old-Ryder said:
Thanks, and here is the cat! lol I have no idea who the girl is . My wife just got the e-mail one day. :eek: And by removing the "cat" i think i am saving a good 15 to 20 lbs!!

dude.. my cat is 18lbs .. that cat is 40 cause hes 2x's the size of my pussy
they look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you get a chance to do before and after dyno runs?

Do you notice much of a difference while riding?
I did not have a chance to dyno before, but i really can tell a difference in before and after while riding. The power seems to hit earlier and smoother. When i get to the upper ranges it gets dang scary! I can say it does make a noticable difference just about all the way through. I am way happy with it. I am going to a new dyno shop this week , well at least planning too. I will post the results when i do.
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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