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thecraw-r1 said:
As rossi says the weight is INCRAYDAYABLE FUR SHURE. Its as light if not lighter than my agv ti-tech.. all my other helmets I always had somewhat of a problem seeing the exit point when Iam hanging off and looking for my exit. But this helmet has excellent peripherial vision, but mostly for me I can see up higher too which actually helps my corner entry and exits..

Ventilation is pretty good, noise is not bad, you have to insert the chin curtain it comes with to keep the noise level to its minimum, Iam pretty pleased with it so far its my fav helmet to date.

Just gotta get the IPOD BT module and Iam
Nice! :thumbup

Helmet weighs is one of my main concern... :yesnod

Also, how's the size compare to AGV? Smaller, bigger, same?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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