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just wrapping up putting on my new exhaust on my new bike and stopped for the night to check the forum and get some sleep. i know...i know..it is not an r1 (but i have one) but this pipe is bad!!! i took a risk and went with a brock davidson hindle and it is every bit as good of quality (so far) as the akrapovic (speaking from experience) just thought i would shoot a pic this way. man will i be glad to get rid of those two big stock exhaust pipes. i'll bet it saves me 25 pounds off of this heavy beast. had to get a full system to keep up with the r1 (he he) :D


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ohhhhh BUSAs...MMMMMmmmm

I'm going to turbo the busa...I've told a few of my friends that I'll have 350rwhp and it'll be dropped and stretched. It'll be soon...



PS...nice full system
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