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nice lid

i have a similar one
but have noticed somthing...
that breath guard...that flap thing that goes up
by your nose...
well when i get goin into a headwind the whole helmet pushes back and that thing hits my nose...annoying...
i dont think my helmet is too big...it doesnt shake around at all...but i was wondering if anyone else has that problem...(annoyance)...or if my nose is just Enormous...hahahahah

also when i tried to tuck behind my screen ...well that little clear plastic thing......mini screen ...ill call it
it seemed that the helmet sucked up and tried to choke me with the chin strap...wassup with this????:bs


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Took the picture in my computer room downstairs. When we bought our house I wired up the whole house with CAT5E when I finished the basement.

I use that RJ-45 connection for my work laptop to VPN in from time to time. I ended up borrowing my friends Sony Cybershot 1.3 megapixel DSC-S30 digital camera to take the picture.


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Damn [email protected]@alltimes you are very observant :yesnod

Nice helmet markeddy :rock Twisted Logic has one like that I believe. In red though :)

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That's pretty freakin sweet man. Will look great with your bike:yesnod

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It sounds as if your helmet is too big. I used to buy all my helmets too big untill I worked at a bike shop and a local racer fitted me up. I didnt realize that they were supposed to be that snug. The thing is that it was actually more comfortable because I didnt notice it as much if that makes sense. Anyway the sucking off of your head at speed and it pushing towards your face leads me to believe that its probably just a shade to big.

After I was properly fitted I realized that I cannot wear Shoei Helmets anymore.
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