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Who's running it in their tires? I think im going friday to do the change... Anybody else do this?
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Waste of money.:fact
How do you figure? They charge $5 a tire at Cravens..... I mean I guess its a waste of money because air is free:boobies but I dunno im thinking about it and probably gonna do it next week when the weather gets nice again and the rain stops....
Air is 70%(or so) Nitrogen anyway. So thats how i figure Mang.....
Unless you are racing, why do you think you need it?
Tire wear is better, lasts longer than regular air. Nitrogen stays at a constant temperature so tires do not need to warm up before hittin those twisties:rock
I dunno, I have it in my avalanche and no joke its noticeable difference than air.
You're joking, right? :confused:
Im trying to say the tires will warm up quicker
Here's a thread I posted a little while ago...Nevermind the total morons towards the bottom

THere's the correlation data for you regarding using straight nitrogen and nice, dry compressed air.

Mind you, when you use compressed air from Joe Schmoe's Autobody, it's probably not dry whatsoever.

Looks like some good info
I dunno sometimes you guys are too much
1 - 8 of 29 Posts
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