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Wow! I want Turbo on my bike too! Damn!

Check out these videos of a Hayabusa Turbo bike at Isle of man TT (???) ... WOW!!!

http://www.sportbikes.dhs.org/Pictures/Max 3rd run.mpg?CFID=234109&CFTOKEN=55275336

http://www.sportbikes.dhs.org/Pictures/Darren Practise.mpg?CFID=234109&CFTOKEN=55275336

http://www.sportbikes.dhs.org/Pictures/Darren 2nd run.mpg?CFID=234109&CFTOKEN=55275336

This is btw a 1500cc Busa. AWESOME!!!!!!

Comment this.. I'd LOVE to hear some comments from R1T! Since you got Turbo on your R1. Gimme videos!!!!

Wow! I'm all pumped up now. I wanna ride!!! :cryin

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Man Swedie that is totaly CRAZY....... but it looks like a rush:crash . Do you know if they were turnig any decent times? I had to watch the vids a couple of times just first because of shock then out of curiosity.
I would hurt myself so bad and I know that I would want to go as fast as mechicaly possible:D


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Holy Balls........... I want one

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You should visit south florida sometime swedie, its the land of turbobusas, also big bores and strokers.
The big thing down here is a nine tenths of a mile dragrace, on any given sunday you'll find 50 or so lowered, stretched, turboed, sprayed superbusas going thru the 9/10ths at well over 200mph on GPS.
My busa is setup more as a roadracer but is a 1397cc, 211 rear wheel hp, 465lbs wet, monster. Over 30k into it.
Its for sale now.

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