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The staff of R1-Forum is asking the members not to post any NWS (Not Work Safe) images or links. We ask that you respect this simple rule and abide by it. This forum is a motorcycle related forum and it has grown into a community. There are several reasons why we ask that you not post NWS images or links.

1.There are legal issues.
2.People visit this forum from work.
3.There are a million other places on the internet where you can find porn, this doesn’t have to be one.
4.We want to keep this a clean and an all-ages site.

Since it’s has been unclear on what determines NWS I will elaborate a bit more.

1. Nudity.
2. Gruesome and gory images.
3. Strongly implied sexual acts.
4. Racially offensive images.
5. Illegal images.
6. Pictures/video/audio that could potentially get someone in trouble at work.

Links to any of these violations including sites with banners/pop-ups that violate these rules fall under the same category.

R1-Forum staff reserves the right to delete/modify any post that violates forum policy. We don’t look forward to deleting threads but we ask that if you have a questionable image/link, to Private Message or Email a forum moderator. If you continue to break forum policy we will temporarily ban/suspend the users account. You will receive ample warning so please lets all get along!

If you have ANY questions regarding this feel free to PM/Email me or any R1-Forum Moderator!

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Not open for further replies.