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This is the kick-off of the OFFICIAL 2011 DEALS GAP: R1-Forum.com / R6-Forum.com 10th Anniversary Convention.

OFFICIAL CHAT THREAD on the event: http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=299732

  • Monday June 13, 2011 - Sunday June 19, 2011
This thread will be reserved for info and convention talk. The convention is open to all ALL RIDERS and ALL kinds of motorcycles. Our small convention has grown over the years but we do ask that if you sign up for the convention that you sign up as a member of the R1-forum.com or R6-forum.com!

  • $115 per person (includes dinner each night).
  • $20 for a convention shirt.
Total is $135 per person (make sure to add an extra $5 for paypal fees if you are sending funds from your paypal account). Keep in mind you are welcome to attend without eating nightly meals, this is an accomodation for members.

Paypal Funds shall be sent to DanQ at [email protected]. If you have any questions Dan or myself can answer them anytime. Make sure you include your complete info when signing up (full real names + screen names of people attending and that you clearly identify that the funds are for the convention deals gap trip).

Each year we have the nightly meals catered. For those that have attended in the past you know that these meals are TOP NOTCH!


  • Roast beef w/ gravy
  • Macaroni salad
  • Vegetable medley
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Apple pie
  • Rolls w/ butter
  • Country fried steak
  • Red skin potato salad
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Green beans
  • Peach cobbler
  • Rolls w/ butter
  • Roast pork loin
  • Fruit salad
  • Black beans
  • White rice
  • Squash medley
  • Cherry cobbler
  • Rolls w/ butter
  • Meat lasagna
  • Mixed salad w/ dressings
  • Buttered corn
  • Broccoli and cheese
  • Chocolate pie
  • Rolls w/ butter
  • Hard tacos
  • Soft tacos
  • Ground beef
  • Pulled chicken
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole
  • Refried beans
  • Rice
  • Nachos
  • Smoked jalapeno & tomato salsa
Cut off will be April 23rd, 2011 for that money. We will have arm bracelets to identify if you have paid or not.

Here are the details to date:

Dinners will still be Monday-Friday and each year Yamaha usually sponsors Dinner on Saturday. If you can't come the whole week at least try and get there by Wed or Thursday. The whole area is unbelievable during the week when things aren't as crowded.

Place: Deal's Gap
Lodging: Fontana Village

Website: www.fontanavillage.com

Link to Convention Transportation Thread. Have space in your vehicle, or looking to split the ride with someone, click here.

LODGING: We do get discount rates, but you MUST tell Fontana Village you are with the Yamaha R1 Forum Group to get the discount rates and so that they put you with us. If there are any problems ask to speak with Debbie or just let me know. Their phone number is 1-800-849-2258. Make your reservations early. IT WILL FILL UP!!! It would really suck to not be able to get a cabin at Fontana:yesnod

Look at their website and inquire with them, by phone, to make your choice. 1-800-849-2258. I would suggest making reservations as early as you can, everywhere fills up that time of year up there.

They have blocked off 22 cabins and 10 lodge rooms for us. So start making reservations as soon as you can. After March 1st, 2011 they will be released to the general public and WILL sell out. SO GET YOUR RESERVATIONS MADE ASAP!!!

For the guys coming up as singles I would suggest getting together with other folks on the Forum and splitting the cost of a small or large cabin. There are gonna be several cabins available.

Fontana also has campsites available if you want to camp. They are approximately a mile down the road.

Everyone is welcome - but please realize that this group is made up with many types of riders of different skill levels and desires. This is not about getting together to race, or to drag other people into riding above their limits! Everyone is expected to ride at their own pace and have a good time!

REMEMBER: Deadline is April 30th, 2011 for all funds!!!

Alcoholic beverages: BYOB

T-SHIRTS: PRE ORDER ONLY!! The shirt cost of $20 is included in the price above. If you don't want a shirt you aren't required to purchase one.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We will have a professional photographer in attendance.

PRIZES: Of course we will have prizes like each year. These will be given out at the Yamaha dinner on Saturday night. You HAVE to be a member of the R1 Forum or R6 Forum and also on the definates list to be eligible for the Prize drawing.

We have some killer prizes every year so you need to make sure I put you on the definates list if you are coming. No maybes, WE said definates...please remember that.

Everyone can sign up by replying to this thread or sending a PM to myself or DanQ and we will put you on the list.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: Everyone must fill out the sheet upon check-in at the reservation desk of the Fontana Lodge.

Here are some of the events that will be held during the week.

  • 6:30 PM will be dinner on Stonehenge (cabin and fire pit area at Fontana).
  • Cross Roads Lunch (usually everyone meets at the CROT for lunches daily)
  • 1 pm Annual Ride to Overlook
  • 6:30 pm is the Big Yamaha Sponsored dinner. The prize giveaway will be during this also. .
Most everything is discussed and planned out in the evenings around dinner and hanging out. If you want to get up a ride or find out where people are going the next day come up to Shuckstack Road and hang out. If you get to Fontana during the day just head to the CROT and you will find someone from the forum.

Please contact myself or DanQ, to be put on the definite list:

You don't have to be on the definites list to be eligible for prizes, but you MUST BE PRESENT! There will be someone taking sign up entries for prizes on site during the dinner Saturday!

OFFICIAL EVENT ATTENDENCE LIST: (Paid members are marked people not eating nightly meals are marked in the color Red so we can keep track of it)
  • SpidermanSS +3 (Paid)
  • DanQ (Paid)
  • Chuck Graves (Paid)
  • kangaroo (Paid)
  • Isaac039 +1 (Paid)
  • Crimson (Paid)
  • kynetguy +1 (Paid)
  • Olymp!A (Paid)
  • Admin - AKA "Stew"
  • Doc07R1
  • realmccoy1 +2 (Sportbikesforhire.com)
  • Zenski1 (Paid)
  • NeoGioZ (Paid)
  • 09R1-Pilot +1
  • Charlie (friend of Shane's)
  • Kevap (Shirt Paid)
  • NaLLa8705 (Shirt Paid)
  • goa360 (Shirts Paid)
  • Irish01(Shirt Paid)
  • BeaverPuncher(Shirt Paid)
  • Super_Dave_344 +3 (Shirts Paid)
  • Ls1_se7en (Shirt Paid)
  • PegGrinder, Nailbiter, Spankalito (Shirts Paid)
  • easyR6(Shirts Paid)
  • Kyle_M +1(Shirts Paid)
  • [email protected](Shirt Paid)
  • 06dragonsShirt Paid
  • SkankyShirts Paid
  • rorytsm
  • Skeeter
  • martyna
  • 08 bat byke
  • GiJoe007
  • LE351
  • Meister37
  • R1Buttercup
  • tfs32 +1
  • KryptonBulbs +2
  • Pmbannister +1
  • collins (R6-Forum)
  • MrWillyJ
  • mefistofeles
  • ironaddict
  • untohim
  • bigpaul (R6-Forum)
  • A Cycle Pro +1 (R6-Forum)
  • Justanothaguy (R6-Forum)
  • Irishstu
  • BlueAreWun
  • Aint_too_Ghetto (R6-Forum)
  • Opher
  • dcracer
  • tapcon
  • Chriscarter R1
  • SPYDR1
  • r1Totzauer +1
  • ghostwolf
  • army88m (R6-Forum)
  • rmerchant3 +1
  • bi11dawg
  • jmcmoto1
Event Sponsors: Graves Motorsports - Yamaha - Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort

Wednesday Group Ride to Yamaha / Luncheon

This year we aren't visiting a dealership. Myself and Chuck Graves will be leading a ride along with Team Zyvax racing owner JB Layman from the gap through the Elijay mountains then a quick trip down 575 to Kennesaw, Georgia where Yamaha's eastern distribution center is. Wednesday June 15, please meet the group riders at the HELLBENDER store located directly at the entrance at Fontana Village (www.fontanavillage.com) at 7am. If you would like to have breakfast before the ride you can be at the deals gap store ( www.dealsgap.com ) at 7am where some of us will be eating breakfast before the ride. at around 8:15 am the two groups will meet together at the Deals Gap Resort to head out on the ride.

We will be given a lunch courtesy of Yamaha USA and a tour of the facility and they are arranging prizes as well!

This is a huge deal and doesn't happen often. I'd like EVERYONE to head over with us. It works out to be a 2.5 hour ride if I remember we'll stop in the middle.

  • SpidermanSS
  • Chuck Graves
  • JB Layman
  • Jamie James
  • Kevap
  • Irish01
  • KyleM
  • Charlie
  • rorytsm
  • DanQ
  • Ls1_se7en
  • Stew
  • army88m - R6 Forum
  • kangaroo
  • Chriscarter R1
  • NaLLa8705
  • Super_Dave_344 + 3
  • Peg Grinder
  • Skeeter
  • SPYDR1
  • Zenski1
  • dcracer +5
  • kynetguy
  • Crimson
  • Doc07R1
  • easyR6 (r6-forum)
  • bi11dawg +1
  • 09R1-Pilot
  • r1Totzauer
  • [email protected]
  • NeoGioZ
  • Olymp!A
  • 06dragons
  • martyna
  • LE351
  • Brad (Deals Gap)
  • Weston @ Graves
  • Tyler @ Graves
  • Curtis @ Yamaha

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As a side note: Some of the bigger changes are we have moved to the "Stonehenge" area for the center point. The stack was getting a little run down and the new area will allow for nightly bon fires and a better atmosphere!

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I'm already looking forward to this! Hopefully my ass can make more than a two day appearance! :jump

(Oh...and I forgot, please sign me up. It'll be a while before I can pay as I'm getting married in January, and have zero dollars to play with in the meantime [I'm still working out how I'm going to pay for the Memorial Trackday at Jennings!], but I am going!!! Thanks!)

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In case this gets missed from my edit above:

Oh...and I forgot, please sign me up. It'll be a while before I can pay as I'm getting married in January, and have zero dollars to play with in the meantime [I'm still working out how I'm going to pay for the Memorial Trackday at Jennings!], but I am going!!! Thanks!

See, Shane! I don't mind going to the Gap if I get to stay for a week! :lol

Last Minute Racing
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im in +3 for now & I WILL BE THERE!!! :)

Forum Moderator
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As it stands right now im in. Probably Wed. through Sunday. Will be bringing the family. Anyone have any extra space?

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I'm in of course. Kevap, Leader, Skeeter, Beaverpuncher we all need to figure out what new cabin we want.

I let work know I'm taking the week off and got it approved already. :)

GaWarrior Brotherhood
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As a side note: Some of the bigger changes are we have moved to the "Stonehenge" area for the center point. The stack was getting a little run down and the new area will allow for nightly bon fires and a better atmosphere!
where's the Stonehenge area?

The Lead Farmer
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New cabins then? How many do we have reserved and what are the prices? I already told the wife I'm going regardless of church commitments. Last 2 years I've done security for the VBS, same week as the convention.

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Kyle and I already decided we're not gonna miss it again. Talked with GPD270 earlier as well and since it is a week later I might be able to bring the wife and kids as well. Sign me up for it, Plus 4
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