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This is the kick-off of the OFFICIAL 2012 DEALS GAP: R1-Forum.com / R6-Forum.com Convention.




  • Monday June 4, 2012 - Sunday June 10, 2012
This thread will be reserved for info and convention talk. The convention is open to all ALL RIDERS and ALL kinds of motorcycles. Our small convention has grown over the years but we do ask that if you sign up for the convention that you sign up as a member of the R1-forum.com or R6-forum.com!


Optional Accommodations:
  • Convention T-shirts - $22 each.
  • Nightly meals - Each year we have the option of having meals delivered each night. This information and costs will be announced soon.

Paypal Funds shall be sent to DanQ at [email protected]. If you have any questions Dan or myself can answer them anytime. Make sure you include your complete info when signing up (full real names + screen names of people attending and that you clearly identify that the funds are for the convention deals gap trip).


Here are the details to date:

Dinners will still be Monday-Friday and each year Yamaha usually sponsors Dinner on Saturday. If you can't come the whole week at least try and get there by Wed or Thursday. The whole area is unbelievable during the week when things aren't as crowded.

Place: Deal's Gap
Lodging: Nanthala Village

Website: www.nvnc.com

Link to Convention Transportation Thread. Have space in your vehicle, or looking to split the ride with someone, click here.

LODGING: We do get discount rates, but you MUST tell Nantahala Village you are with the Yamaha R1 Forum Group to get the discount rates and so that they put you with us. When calling I suggest that you speak with Jessi (she will be who you talk to about problems or just let DanQ know). Their phone number is 1-800-438-1507. Make your reservations early. IT WILL FILL UP!!! In the event that the resort fills up there is camping and lodging nearby. Booking early ensures you are with the group at Nantahala:yesnod


/ Some information about the move to this new resort - Location is 23 miles from our old resort (Fontana Village). You pull out of Nantahala (go left) - .3 miles and take a left onto HWY 28 then onto Fontana in 22 miles. This just adds 22 miles of scenic roads to get to the gap.

Reasons for the change in location are to move to a resort that is more in tune to some of our needs. The location is 2 miles from the Nantahala Outdoor Center (the largest rafting area in the state!). Bryson City is just 5 miles up the road and there quite a bit more "family friendly" activities making this place more accessible for attendees to bring family members (and have a good time).

Included with our stay is a mountain view gathering deck that is pretty nice and a HUGE covered pavilion area that we can fit a couple hundred people under if needed. There is micro breweries close, white water rafting, zip lines, jet boating, plenty of places to eat close bye, horseback riding, spa... etc... This is going to be an AWESOME year! - Shane/


Look at their website and inquire with them, by phone, to make your choice. 1-800-438-1507. I would suggest making reservations as early as you can, everywhere fills up that time of year up there.

They have blocked off a large amount of cabins and lodge rooms for us. So start making reservations as soon as you can. After February 28th, 2012 they will be released to the general public and WILL sell out. SO GET YOUR RESERVATIONS MADE ASAP!!! You can hold your room by calling now and booking the dates and a down payment (usually one night).

Pricing References (does not show all cabins): - See attachment images for cabin descriptions and facility map.

  • King Lodge room $110.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 2 Queen Lodge room $120.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 1 Bedroom Treehouse Cabin $120.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 1 Bedroom Historic Cabin 2 & 4 $130.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 1 Bedroom Historic Cabin 1 $150.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • Fireplace Suite w/o loft $130.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • Fireplace Suite w/ loft $140.00 (1 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 2 Bedroom Historic Cabin 5 $130.00 (2 bedroom 1 bath)
  • 2 Bedroom Treehouse Cabin 1,2,3,6,7,9,10 & 11 $140.00 (2 bedroom 1 bath)
  • Granny’s Cottage $200.00 (2 bedroom 1 bath)
  • Mountain suites as buildings (both floors) $400.00 (4 bedroom 4 bath)
Group Discounts:

  • When booking 2 nights a 5% discount will be given
  • When booking 3-4 nights a 10% discount will be given
  • When booking 5-6 nights a 15% discount will be given
  • When booking 7+ nights a 20% discount will be given.
Zip Line Adventure... we are looking for people who are interested in doing a 3 hour zip line adventure. Zip line is less then 1 mile away from the Nantahala Village. :fact
Sign up here.... www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=335711

For the guys coming up as singles I would suggest getting together with other folks on the Forum and splitting the cost of a small or large cabin. There are gonna be several cabins available.

Nantahala also has campsites available if you want to camp.


Everyone is welcome - but please realize that this group is made up with many types of riders of different skill levels and desires. This is not about getting together to race, or to drag other people into riding above their limits! Everyone is expected to ride at their own pace and have a good time!

REMEMBER: Deadline is April 1st, 2012 for all funds!!!


T-SHIRTS: PRE ORDER ONLY!! The shirt cost of $22 is included in the price above. If you don't want a shirt you aren't required to purchase one. But as stated above, they are pre order only, and we only buy a limited amount of extras. The design is never repeated.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We will have a professional photographer in attendance.

PRIZES: Of course we will have prizes like each year. These will be given out at the Yamaha dinner on Saturday night. You HAVE to be a member of the R1 Forum or R6 Forum and also on the definite list to be eligible for the Prize drawing.

We have some killer prizes every year so you need to make sure I put you on the definite list if you are coming. No maybes, WE said definite...please remember that.

Everyone can sign up by replying to this thread or sending a PM to myself or DanQ and we will put you on the list.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: Everyone must fill out the sheet upon check-in at the reservation desk of the Nantahala Lodge.

Here are some of the events that will be held during the week.

  • 6:30 PM will be dinner - location will be Upper Deck or Phoenix deck
  • Cross Roads Lunch (usually everyone meets at the CROT for lunches daily)
  • 9 am Group Picture at Nanthala Resort (with bikes)
  • 1 pm Annual Ride to Overlook
  • 6:30 pm is the Big Yamaha Sponsored dinner. The prize giveaway will be during this also. .
Most everything is discussed and planned out in the evenings around dinner and hanging out. If you want to get up a ride or find out where people are going the next day come up to mountain view gathering deck and hang out. If you get to Nantahala during the day just head to the CROT and you will find someone from the forum.

Please contact myself or DanQ, to be put on the definite list:

Prizes are given out on Saturday night unless otherwise stated. To be eligible for prizes, you MUST BE PRESENT! There will be someone taking sign up entries for prizes on site during the dinner Saturday!

OFFICIAL EVENT ATTENDENCE LIST: (Paid members are marked)
  • SpidermanSS +3 (Paid)
  • DanQ (Paid)
  • Chuck Graves (Paid)
  • Crimson (Paid)
  • bi11dawg (Paid)
  • Kevap (Paid)
  • Manowar (Paid)
  • CBR240 (Paid)
  • NTHNCODY (R6-Forum) (Paid)
  • R1junkie28 (Paid)
  • jmdarville (Paid)
  • easyR6 (R6-Forum) (Paid)
  • NaLLa8705 (Paid)
  • ELLIOTT17 (R6-Forum) (Paid)
  • kangaroo (Paid)
  • Peg Grinder (Paid)
  • Nail Biter (Paid)
  • Spankolito
  • NeoGioZ (Paid)
  • Olymp!A (Paid)
  • r1Totzauer +1.5 (Paid)
  • Death_R1 (Paid)
  • BeaverPuncher (Paid)
  • rshores84 (Paid)
  • Skeeter (Paid)
  • rocolotopus +1
  • Redgecko
  • Puchy351
  • 09R1-Pilot +1
  • LudjakR1 +1
  • DipItandGripIt
  • admin
  • R1Buttercup
  • r1hotrod
  • Super_Dave_344 +1
  • Ls1_se7en
  • Joe +2 (not on forum)
  • Mick +2 (not on forum)
  • Pat +6 (not on forum)
  • ducatiWV + 1
  • WVR6RDR (R6-Forum)
  • goobr
  • z064life +4
  • bigpaul
  • JB +1
  • BlueAreWon
  • Irishstu
  • InkedR1Pilot +1
  • Prime Time
  • JDollaz +1.5
  • pjb84
  • 312R1 +4
  • twiztedcr +1
  • Supernakie +1
  • kynetguy +1
  • meister37
  • skanky
  • Nrke +4 (R6-Forum)
  • Ranhazz +1
  • drop97 (R6-Forum)
  • rorytsm +1
  • BlueAreWun
  • Jamie_Murray
  • 06Dragons {Sal}
  • 1cruisemissile +1
  • inten_z +1
  • bestman77

Event Sponsors: Graves Motorsports - Yamaha - Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort

To become a sponsor for the 2012 event contact SpidermanSS


Scavenger Hunt Contest : For 2012 we are having a COOL twist... Scavenger hunt! This contest encourages riding and will involve MANY unique things. Some will involve filming and video. The contest requirements will be given to you when you check into the resort. As always prizes will be AWESOME!


Video - From the 2011 event =




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I took a visit to the new place a few weeks ago.. The "upper deck" that well will be gathering at each evening is the 9th and 10th picture. The 3rd picture is the mountain view that you see from the upper deck.

Images #1 and #7 show the view of the condos that Kevap and Puchy's groups have reserved. Image #7 shows a HUGE area that we will have to park vehicles and use.. Images #11 and #15 show the Phoenix deck which is included with our group. It's a covered area for us to use. In front of it is a coffee shop the sells, coffee, sandwhiches, snacks, iced drinks etc.

I included some random shots of the area. The picture of the bar and river is about 2 miles away at the NOC. The Slow Joe's bar turns into the "overpour" at night. I'm looking into arranging a get together there for one of our parties...!

- Shane McCoy : Graves Motorsports


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NICE ~! Welcome ... Check into rooms as soon as you can. I think we'll be filling up the place!

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Kevap and Punchy booked the condos.... They have pool tables in them. Might need to set up a pool contest one evening.

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No those are the fireplace suites you are talking about. They each booked a 4 bedroom condo building (1 each). Since they share a place with 5-6 people each...

Where you wanting IN with all that.... lol ?

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Kevap and Punchy booked the condos.... They have pool tables in them. Might need to set up a pool contest one evening.

What is this "pool table" you speak of? I must learn to do this so I can be in the contest :sneaky
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