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Oil Change Schedule during break-in

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Searched through several pages and couldn't find a definate answer. Are you supposed to change your oil in this series?



I hear you that it is best to use dino oil during the breakin then on your final oil change you can use synthetic. Just wasjn't sure of the oil change schedule during break-in. I don't have the manual with me.
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Its good in that order...be anal about it and if you have a 50 miles ride from you and your dealer,change it as soon as you reach home...this is when the biggest metal shavings/particles from assembling the engines drop to the bottom...you dont want those swimming through the engine too much!

Synth oil;

Depending on your riding style,you may go for it at my comfortable mileage of 3-4k miles only.

At that mileage,the engine is barely ready to live its normal life.

You can do it before that,you1ll get diff. opinions about it.

Your call really.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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