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Oil filter

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My second bike is a ZX6R '99. I normally do my own oil/filter changes. In the past, I've for the filter from the dealer. I'm thinking of getting generic filters such as FRAM Oil filters.

Would you recommend I stay with the dealer’s recommendations or get the discount one.

Is there a difference?
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Stay away from Fram for the bike!!!!!!! They use cork seals and cardboard material in designing the baffles in the filter's chambers that dissolve over time. Now if you keep you oil changed not too big of a problem, BUT I would stay away from any brand that uses those materials. I just don't trust petroleum products with cork or any type of board. They have been known break down and those little pieces get tied up in the motor.....Just a warning....(A buddy of mine and I spent a day researching this about three months ago)

Top quality: WIX, OEM (basically stock brands), emgo,

Medium: Purolator, and STP

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