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Oil filter

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My second bike is a ZX6R '99. I normally do my own oil/filter changes. In the past, I've for the filter from the dealer. I'm thinking of getting generic filters such as FRAM Oil filters.

Would you recommend I stay with the dealer’s recommendations or get the discount one.

Is there a difference?
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The kid works part time ( less and less now ) for the local Honda shop. They have a brand called HIFLOFILTRO and the model is a Hf 303. It's application chart is for 5 honda models, 2 Kawi model, 1 polaris model, and as a replacement for the R-1's 3FV-13440-00 stocker. I've used around 10 now and they work well. WHATEVER you decide, don't get cheap with oil or filters and stay with motorcycle specific oils and filters.;)
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