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Oil filter

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My second bike is a ZX6R '99. I normally do my own oil/filter changes. In the past, I've for the filter from the dealer. I'm thinking of getting generic filters such as FRAM Oil filters.

Would you recommend I stay with the dealer’s recommendations or get the discount one.

Is there a difference?
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dj1298 said:
I was thinking about the new K&N filter. Comes with a bolt welded on the end so you can remove it with a regular sized socket. Plus the bolt is predrilled so you can saftey wire it. I know you can saftey wire with regular metal bands, but the bolt would be much easier.
That's a great feature! Wouldn't it be nice if all filters had it! :thumbup
Olddog said:
... a brand called HIFLOFILTRO and the model is a Hf 303 ... I've used around 10 now and they work well.
I've used about 9 of them. No problems either. I think changing the oil frequently is more important than the type of oil or filter.

BTW, Yamaha cannot void your warranty if you change your own oil and use non-Yamaha oil & filters. It's against the law in the US. You must do it at least as often as they recommend and keep records.
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