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The equipment:
Abit KV7 MB
AMD XP 2400+ 266 FSB
512 MB PC 3200 @ 400Mhz
Windows XP professional
20GB HD connected to the on-board IDE conroller
200GB HD connected through PCI IDE controller card

The situation:
I moved my IDE controller card from slot 3 to 7, but would not recognize it. I moved the card back to 2 and the hardware manager is detecting the IDE controller on startup, but now my Logitech cordless USB mouse doesn't work. The keyboard (also cordless, connected through the serial port) works when I go into BIOS at startup, but is non-responsive when when in Windows.
I got the mouse pointer to move once, but have been unsucessful since.
I have been having to turn the computer off at the switch.
Additionally, the computer freezes up when I try to boot in Safe mode.

What I have tried:
--Removing and reseating all my PCI cards.
--Clearing CMOS (multiple times).
--Watching movies while I sit and worry about it.

I am taking home a plain old serial mouse to see if I simply need to get Windows XP to recognize the IDE controller before it will recognize the USB mouse. Maybe I cooked my USB ports somehow.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've seen this type of problem too many times. Here's the problem:

XP has a new automagical feature that lets’s you roll back drivers. Also, because your motherboard ACPI compliant and XP probably has the ACPI HAL loaded, XP can reassign interrupts, DMA, and base addresses (overriding whatever the motherboard wants to do).

Now, when you combine the driver roll back feature with an ACPI HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), you get an unwanted byproduct. Move a device from one slot to another and XP thinks it’s a completely new device and reassigns all the interrupts in the system to accommodate it even though it’s the same card. It also thinks the old card will show up again so it leaves an assignment for it.

The end result is usually a system that is FUBAR.

Quote From Article: “Note that Windows XP cannot rebalance resources in the same way that Microsoft Windows 98 does. After PCI resources are set, they generally cannot be changed.

Now… if that’s the problem, how do you fix it? The short answer is reloading XP from scratch. First thing I’d do is break out the motherboard manual and install cards to achieve the least amount of IRQ sharing (i.e. slots are paired and will get the same IRQ). Make sure your video card does not share an IRQ (i.e. the sister slot is left blank) then your IDE controller. Since there aren’t enough IRQ’s, some things will have share IRQ’s.

Next, when loading XP, force a non-ACPI HAL during the install so XP can’t reassign IRQ’s (but now it’s up to you do it at the motherboard level). Also, turn off PnP in the motherboard bios.

Here’s a M$ Knowledge base article that describes how to force a different HAL during setup (use the Standard PC HAL).

This problem is the biggest bonehead part of XP and I can’t believe M$ released it like this :bash . My system is setup like I described and I don’t have any problems nor will I if I decide to install another card / device.

Hope this helps… Good luck
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