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So here is my little adventure today.

I have decided to give my bike a little test drive today. (it was in the shop - story to follow up ) anyways, so I went to metroparks over here. They have nice turns there, speed limit is only 35 but its still cool to cruize around. The whole place is in the woods like neighorhood, so basically there is lots of trees.. there are people joggin on the run sidewalk, some bicycles and things like that. You know, just like a metropark.

There is this one sharp turn to the left. KNowing the road very well, I always feel confortable going though there. So I am in the turn, leaning pretty low, enjoying it, all of the fucking sudden I see headlights looking right at me on my lane!!!!!!!!!!!! Note that I am in the turn which is pretty sharp. :eek: :eek: to give you an idea, my tire has a wear mark now on the left hand side.. all the way down...I basically touched the edge.. and I never done that before...

That fuckng asshole was passing by bicyclists on the damn turn!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hearth just dropped when I saw it. I just remembered "DON"T HIT THE BREAKS!"...

I guess the timing was just right because I made it (barely)

What dumbass passes someone OVER THE DOUBLE yellow line ON THE TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean.. what the **** are people thinking????? what if I slide sideways!!! what would the driver say then??? " OHHH I AM SORRY!!!!!!?!?!? ARE YOU OK?????!!?!?!" WTF?

I am sorry guys, but I am so damn pissed off! I should of turn around and chase his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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