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Just got this DVD the other day from a local shop and I thought I'd give it a mini review here (in case anyone is interested). It's about 120 mins long and is put out by Duke Video (though I can find no mention of it on their website).

It is a series of tank (and one rear facing) cameras on laps of some famous roadrace courses in England, IOM and Northern Ireland.

It is mainly from 2000 and 2001 though there is a bit of older footage (including some from 1982). Quite a bit of the footage is either on R1s or features R1s in shot. It appears to have just been released here in NZ (zone-4 PAL).

The video footage is all of pretty good quality. Unfortunately only a few clips have any voice over from the rider describing the course and all have some fairly annoying music which detracts from the on-bike feel a little. Also several of the laps are titled incorrectly on the box and on the DVD menus.

All in all a good DVD with some really rather frightening footage of 180+mph past stone walls, power poles and spectators. You come away with some real respect for the skill and bravery of some of these riders (Dave Jeffries, Ian Duffus, Steve Hislop to name a few).

Buy it if you can find it.
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