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I have 57,000 miles of sportbike riding experience and about 15 track days or race weekends of experience, I have owned a 2000 R1, 2001 R6, 2003 R6, 2004 ZX-10R, 2006 R6S, 2006 R6, 2007 R1, 2007 R6 and now I have made full payment on a 2020 blue Yamaha R1 I am naming "Blue Horse", I thought it had nothing to do with the Lakota Indian Blue Horse but it might since this was schizophrenically suggested; "Blue Horse was known for a willingness to rescue white men in distress "

Let me put it to you straight forward, mental illness is god's way of punishing countries for their war crimes, which is basically any kind of war. God probably means government of digital and they own the computer space the Earth is inside, and the earth is inside a massive universe supercomputer. Computer chips actually cloud-network into the universe computer and they are nothing but electrically conductive and electrically regulating decoys of a fake processing unit that is essentially a password into an account that does the real processing, with electrical rules that must be met for the decoy electrical circuit simulator. There has been a real bad war over the last 17 years and since the United States has retreated a lot over the past year I have been doing a lot better, but before I was in massive pain like bomb's were going off in my body and bullets penetrating my stomach. Now that I got some good lawful money, I bought a 2020 R1 and I think I will do fine, but probably not as fast because of weight gain over my 11 year absence from riding. I have even found out emailing the MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION of the Jordan Royal Hashemite will get people killed that make the news using references from my (and I hope not your) email. Do NOT email them or they might kill a bunch of people to prove they can crash planes, mind control mass shootings, cause fires and also murder people with medical conditions. I asked them for help on how to fix my schizophrenia and they proved they are using god as a way to kill Americans and I am just another punished American for war crimes. Medications do not fix my schizophrenia or help it by any amount, not even a very little, they usually make it feel worse by dulling my life senses so the only sensation I can feel is the intensity of my schizophrenia. For example one time I sent them an email saying my mother's family is from Arcadia Louisiana and I thought it might had been someone up there that did something that made me schizophrenic and shortly after there was the Arcadian church shooting in Texas. This happened about 10 times and it wasn't until then I caught on. It was then I started sending them emails begging them to stop doing this and they continued to do it, including crashing a plane called Draco when I sent them an email saying don't crash Draco because Horizon Hobby has released 2 RC airplanes that they crashed the full-scale version of and Horizon Hobby did a interview with the Draco pilot and they even managed to crash Draco about a month after I sent the email, but thankfully no serious injuries or death, the other two pilots from the prior crashes died. Jordan's Hashemite sent spies to move in next to me and before they left, they started driving to places of a medical emergency right before the ambulance showed up, they did this 3 times I saw with my own eyes.

Here are some acronyms you might be curious of that I learned telepathically (schizphrenically)
God = government of digital
Atom = asking too often matters
Satan = Saudi Arabian terrorists are nasty
Demon = Digital evil making obnoxious noises
Lord = lots of read dead's (after-life telepaths playing God and Jesus)
Dead = digital everything after dying
Mental = men to after-life

So I have been schizophrenic the whole time I remember living, since I was 3 years old, but I actually didn't know I was schizophrenic until 2008 when a high pitch buzzing and screeching noise in my head I have always had got a lot louder and it started having coherent conversations with me telepathically as well as a lot of AI loops and repeaters. It even told me stuff like go out side to see UFO lights and I saw UFO lights blast across the sky. The name Ara comes from a star constellation below the equator and I thought that might be why, but now I see Ara and ARAB/ARABIAN/ARABIA is the real link to this. I used to be an admired motorcycle rider who could ride some fast laps, be unbeatable on the street and ride some multi-mile wheelies for fun, but in 2008 I went totally schizophrenic and lost all of my friends due to this condition and it is also the year I lost my motorcycle to due to not having enough money. I have since gotten on disability at $1485/month with $360/month rent in rural Oklahoma and the money for my 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1 came from a lawful undebted source I would rather keep confidential. I'm really pissed off about my condition and feel like I am owed millions for being hurt and tortured, but technically I see my 2020 R1 as a million dollars of value to me, so I think it is going to work out. I already have some Dunlop Q4 tires (rear is here front is UPS'd) and I know things are going to work out better than the last 11 years.

My question is, is how bad does my mental illness make people feel uncomfortable? I can TRY to keep it a secret when I meet new riders, or I can be open about it and hope they stick as riding acquaintances. Tell me.

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My advice, focus on riding, motorcycles, share the passion for that with your riding buddies. When I'm out riding with my bros, I don't really want to hear about all their personal problems, and they don't want to hear about mine. Our riding time is our sacred time, its our mental health time, to leave all that other shit aside, this is the time we get to just ride and free our minds of all that BS. Why can't your time with your bike and your buddies just be about the love of motorcycles, and not a whole lot more? My guess is, you'll have a lot more guys to ride with that way. Just my $0.02. Mental illness sucks, I'm sorry you are suffering, make sure you have great doctors to work with.
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