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:flex:Online Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt "List":fact​

1. Any live animal (white in color) = 20 points
2. Payphone = 20 points
3. License plate with at least (2) even numbers in any order = 20 points
4. Barber Pole attached or detached = 20 points
5. Coin operated ride = 20 points
6. Female in a white dress = 20 points
7. Shopping cart = 20 points
8. Open sign = 20 points
9. Hardware store sign = 20 points
10. Porta Potty or public restroom = 20 points
11. Historical Marker/anything that is historical = 20 points
12. Outdoor statue = 20 points
13. Vacancy sign = 20 points
14. 1960 or older vehicle = 20 points
15. Rest stop/truck stop= 20 points
16. Man in bicycle shorts(No exception) = 25 point
17. Motorcycle shop = 25 points
18. A sign that starts with the 1st letter in your username = 25 points
19. Graffiti/graffiti mural, it can be on a wall/post/trashcan/etc = 25 points
20. Red sports car = 25 points
21. You in your underwear or someone in their underwear be very creative!!!! Has to be safe for work pic! = 25 points

22. Beach or body of water = 25 point
23. Fire Hydrant = 25 points
24. Man with a straw hat = 25 point
25. Police officer/Firefighter = 25 point

If there are any clarification and/or adjustments, I will bold them.

Remember to get points,

Your motorcycle must be in the picture and/or yourself in FULL RIDING GEAR with the item on the list.

Example:#1 A lighter = 20 points
You holding a lighter in full riding gear = 20 points or Your bike with the lighter on your tank= 20 points.

If you in the picture with your bike with the lighter = 40 points

You MUST be in full riding gear to get points!!
Whatever your riding gear is, helmet, gloves, and jacket must be on!!

When uploading the pictures please remember to number the pictures according to the items on the list and save the pictures as the number according to the list.
Example: Lighter is number 1, then save the picture as 1. If it's not in this format, you will be disqualified.

Please upload your pics all at once when you get everything on the list you can. Once you post, you cannot add, delete or edit.

There will be a thread for the "list" pictures and another thread for you to upload (1) pic to submit to the Most Creative/Unique Picture.

If you have ANY question please ask. And remember NO PHOTO EDITING of any kind except to resize and crop pics!!

One item per picture. No combination or more than one item per picture

Meister37/Phantom Squadron
NetJester/Venom Squadron
Redgecko/Phantom Squadron
Steamboat/Dragon Squadron
Marce1o/Lucky 13 Squadron
JDollaz/Lucky 13 Squadron
Crimson/Venom Squadron
Yellowz28/Ghostrider Squadron
twist.grip/Ravage Squadron
chadwick/Smokin Aces Squadron
bunnyrbt/ Honorary Venom Squadron Member
BeaverPuncher/Venom Squadron
Petrol Spice (Awaiting Paypal Approval)

GOOD LUCK and please ask ANY questions now, before posting your pictures!!

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Oh it's on :fact :jump

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That Viper pissed me off. :lol I was going to go after work, but damn smokers had to flick their butt out the window and start a fire in the canyon.

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I hope so...next door neighbor has a Viper:sing:

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hmm how come my squadron isn't by my name? :dundun: I guess ghostrider squadron is to cool to be on there anyways lol:epimp
LOL, sorry fixed, you didn't put it in the Paypal :sneaky

Can we do Multi Objective Combo Pics ?
No NO no, one item per picture, jeez you guys are no fun!


I Hope the List is good too , and not like a * Rabbit
or a Fkn Dodge Viper. lol..
I forgot to post the Viper, I had a matchbox Viper :sneaky

I changed a lot on the list, to make it easier and made sure everything was readily available or at least in the vicinity. You may have to ride your bike to get some of these items BUT that's what makes it fun!!
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