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I am going to racing school in the spring. I don't want to actually get my racing licence - just want to get a couple days of pro instruction to get rid of some of the bad habits I have collected over the years.


Do you think I should use my own bike or rent a track bike?

If I use my own I am concerned I won't 'push' it as hard as I could - for fear of dropping it in a corner or something like that. I am not even sure if my insurance will cover the bike if I damage it on the track.

If I use a track bike (choice of R6, GSXR6000, or ZX6) I will probably push it harder since if anything happens to it am covered. The downside is I will not be getting more comfortable with MY bike.

Thoughts - what would you do :confused:

BTW - the extra money to rent a track bike is not an issue.
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