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I've been watching OCC and was wondering what type of fabracating they could do to a 04 R1. I've watched every episode and each time they amaze me with their work. I mean keep the R1 "look" but OCC style. If I had the money I'd give my R1 to Pauly Jr. and tell him to have fun...fabracate

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Fzrider said:
ive thought the same thing. What they would do with a sportbike. Id rather give that job to jesse james. He is pretty good and he has a silver 02/03 r1

i posted about him having a bike and i also thought it was an r1 but someone else said its an r6.. still dont really know what he has but i saw him wheelie that bike like it was nothing!!!

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yonkabluna said:
the guys at occ are not anything special. most of the stuff they build out of parts they buy, not that impressive to me. entertaining to watch though...
I agree with you. I do think that paul jr has good potential. He is talented. Definatley great to watch. The theme bikes they make are pretty sweet

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If OCC was to do something with a '04 R1 it probably would have
so much weight, so all you could do is ride in a straight line. Do
you notice that those guys love to tack on lots of extra stuff and
couldn't give a rip about how much it weighs. Yeah, they do build
some beautiful choppers, but those things weigh a ton. It cracks
me up when they start adding this and that for looks and before
you know it they have a 1000 pound bike.

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Bigg-e said:
Here is the anal'ness in me but Jesse James' bike is an 00'-01' not an 02'-03'.
looks like a 98-99 with that tail section.......

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OCC are a joke
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