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If I sold my R1..Id get another R1. Yamaha for life..until 40 anyways, then I get a Harley

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Aprilia, Ducati, or Triumph

If money were no object, the bike I would get would be an Aprilia RSV, I test drove an RSV, and a Duc 996, I loved them both, till I realized I could buy 2 R1's for the same price as 1 of them!! Another nice bike is the Triumph Daytona, Test rode one of those, and came VERY close to getting one. It was a toss up between the R1 and the Triumph. If I were looking for sheer performance though, R1 ALL THE WAY!!! The Triumph has a little of that Exotic feel, you don't see them at every corner, but they are still "British", You know what I mean!!


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I've ridden an MV Agusta...it's my best friends. It rides awesome. It almost identicle to my old 996 Ducati except for the motor. Handles the same...position is the same. It's pretty much a Ducati w/ an inline 4 in it.

If I could get another bike....it'll be another Ducati, this time i'd get a 998R. I wouldn't mind getting an R7 either....or a RC51. I'll eventually have them all...and I'll also rule the world.

2001 R1..pretty blue color
1994 Supra....still broke:no

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How about the Boxer VB1 Sport?

It's got the coolest design (besides the R1, of course) and a nice engine with fuel injection...

Lasse says: The Boxer will beat the shit out of you.

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I would get this !!

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Honda 954 would be close tie with the RC51
Honda RC51 (something sexy there, both not pricey)
Aprilia Mille (Sexy)
Ducati 916 (started the Duck fantasy, SEXY)

Any GP500 bike! (I just had an orgasm)

Dreaming right????

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As far as the OTHER bike goes... I think a mild streetfighter to get to the grocery and take quick trips downtown is the way to go.

Somebody else posted about the Triumph Daytona... mine (in pieces after a recent theft recovery) seems very large and underpowered next to my R1. I am seriously thinking about getting a set of higher bars and those strange twin headlights and turning it into a Speed Triple.

The Suzuki SV650 is also a lot of fun and relatively cheap.
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