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Paint is settled...

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I work for my uncle and the family biz... which is getting older cars/ hot rods ready for body work and paint. Well we've always out sourced the paint or delivered the car as is to the customer.

Well, we recently hired a painter to do things in house for a number of reasons.

Anyways, the painter we hired knows his stuff and is a true FNG I've come to find out.

So after having a nice chat with our new guy, showing him my R1, and throwin' my ideas at him he's gonna paint my One for $300 and the cost of paint.

What paint are we gonna throw on? Deep Satin Black!!! I've been wanting to do this forever... and I'm super stoked on this ish. Subtle red graphics are already designed to be cut outta vinyl.

It'll be done a few days after the new year since the holidays are upon us... while the prep and paint is going on I'm hopin' I can get to cuttin the '07 Graves down a few inches. :lhumper: :lhumper: :lhumper:
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pics are needed upon completion. :fact
Pics will be provided without a doubt.

I'm gonna see if I can't document the transformation fairly in depth as well.
Can't wait to see it!!
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