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I'm curious, I see a lot of posts in the for sale forum and on ebay about R1's that are being parted out. And while, it's a great way to pick up a few replacement parts for my scooter that I might need at less than new cost, are we purchasing parts off stolen bikes?

I understand that some people may want to sell off parts that they no longer need to turn their bike into a track only bike. But when I see posts from people parting out everything down to the frame, it just seems suspicious to me.

I need a few parts for my bike, and would like to save a couple of $$$'s, but if I am purchasing stolen parts, I would rather spend the extra money and ride with a clear conscience.

So, do you guys feel that the majority of these are stolen bikes/parts, or is there another reason for parting everything off an R1 that I am not thinking of.


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I have a 03 Yamaha Raptor atv and a 04 R1 sitting still at the dealer because of them damn snow outside.

As for the parts on ebay. I wa slooking for Raptor parts and here goes this guy listing a 02 Raptor from the chain link all the way to the engine.
If you bought all his parts you could built a brand new raptor.
Nothing missing!

I was curious so the hell with it I e-mailed the guy asking honestly man is the bike stolen? {because all parts had seperate auctions.
He e-mails me and says "NO COMMENTS"
thats the answer he gave me
So becarefull}


I need more money.
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Yes. A lot of bikes parts at Ebay (and other places) are stolen.
Some guys I heard about, found thier stolen bikes/parts in ebay like a day or 2 later.

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ask dr. r1 about this.
His was one of the ones stolen, and then he saw parts on ebay if i remember correctly.

Myself personally, i hyave either sold or given away almost every item off of my bike that i upgraded.

so, i guess you just have to decide for yourself where your priorities are.
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