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Some of you may recall my little incident in October, well I picked up a 03 750 on Monday. Got it for 7500 OTD(my buddy hooked me up that works there) and a Shoei RF1000 Voltage with a platinum shield included.
Anyway it's used, with 600 miles on it, this guy apparently got it, took it out a few times and was terrified of it, and traded it in on a 4 wheeler.It's Black/Yellow, totally stock,more chicken strips than used rubber. Damn, this thing was babied.Already been screwing with it, took all the warning stickers off,flushmounts, going to remove the mudflap ect. ect.
Rode it home and noticed that i like the handling department a little better,and it still stands up in 1st and 2nd, haven't tried 3rd.I'm very satisfied with my desicion and at a killer price from a dealer(which is rare, but it happens)Just wanting everyone to know i'm back on 2 wheels and it feels better than ever. Although I'll be the first to admit it was wierd especially comming off of the 110 mph wreck, but i kinda expected that.Have fun all and ride safe.Maybe me and my buddy JrockR6 will get a few vids up for you guys

I know it's a zook, but:fork till the end'
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