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Picked up my 04 procycle

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Well it came in last night. Had my deposit on blue since Oct. and it finally arrived. I'll post pics tomarrow. Walked out the door for 9059.99 after my doc fee. Paying taxes at the DMV tomarrow as well. After tax credit from my 02, taxes should be only about 150.00. That means I'm on my 04 for less than 9300 bucks - SWEET!!! I'll also post receipt with pics of the bike for all the haters who don't believe Procycle is selling them for that price. More should arrive soon. For those of you who have deposits, not too much longer guys.

Later Scar:thumbup
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how do you get dredit for tax? I am selling my 03 r6 to get the 04 wondering if I can catch a break?

It may just be a Missouri thing. Unlike some other states, tax is not paid at the dealer, it is paid within 30 days at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can not get your tags until you do. When you sell your old vehilcle, you get your bill of sale and show it to the DMV. They subtract the value of your previous vehicle from the price of your new one. Since I sold my 02 for 6200, I'm only paying taxes on 3 grand. Check your state.
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