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Well, I picked up my 04 red R1 tonight. The dealer that I always deal with wasn't sure what he was getting, so I ended up going to Kibuk's in Kittanning.

Someone on here mentioned that Kibuk's had a red one, so I called them up about it. I guess someone had money on it, but decided they didn't want it. Anyways, it now sits in my garage.

I really don't even know what to say about the bike, since it is so friggin' awesome looking, I can't even speak.

If anyone was out tonight in Pittsburgh, you know how windy it was. The hour ride home from Kittanning (down 28) sucked! I swear I almost got blown off the road a hundred times. Damn was it windy.

If you're from the Pittsburgh/Monroeville area, hit me up with a PM and we'll do some riding.

Later guys. Congrats to all the 04 owners, because this bike is unbelievable!

One thing that stood out, was the sound of the exhaust. I was impressed, because it sounds like an aftermarket compared to the 02 that I had.
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