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Pirelli vs Metzeler

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I am about to replace the stock Dunlops with either Pirelli Diablos or Metzeler M1's.
Out of the 2, which one is better for street (no track at all)?
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I don't know for sure, all I have runn is the M1 but I have heard the diablo is a tad bit more street oriented than the M1.
I only run M1's now but here good things on the diablo. M1's are cheap though not sure on the price is on the diablo's.
It's like a 5-10$ difference according to kneedraggers if i remember correctly.
Same tire just a different tread pattern I've ran both and can't tell the difference so I usually run the M1's..
jonny toe tags:
Metzeler is owned/produced by Pirelli. If your considering a high performance street tire, I would suggest the new generation of Pirelli Diablo Corsa or the Metzler Sportec M1; mind you I may be slightly biased as Pirelli is sponsoring my road race effort this year, alas I've been very impressed with the quality and traction they provide.

Please note, the M1 will have increased life over the above mentioned Diablo Corsa; however a common complaint on the M1 has been tire noise in the 35-45MPH range; such as a slight howling - this depends on the shape of the fairings/fender. If your goal is absolutely maximum performance in a DOT legal tire, I would suggest the Pirelli SuperCorsa; which is the tire I utilize on the street out of performance preference (and the tire I race/test on). If you prefer the Metzler name, the Rennsport is of the same capacity as the SuperCorsa, the compound numbers are identical aside from the brand letter designation (i.e. RS1=SC1, RS2=SC2, RS=Rennsport/SC=SuperCorsa)

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i think the supercorsa's would be overkill for me.
So you suggest the Pirelli Diablo Corsas over the regular Diablos?
You don't think for street use they are a bit much?
So far i am leaning towards the M1's....just because of what i've read.
But if they make a noise...that sucks
If you are only going to be running street, then I would reccomend the Diablo. The Diablo Corsa is a more track oriented tire (works fine on the street but costs more and will wear quicker)...

Here is an interesting tire shootout link..

- BA
And if you go with Diablo's buy a rear and get a free front. promotion runs a few more days I think. Full set of tires for $150 shipped isnt bad.
soulrazer said:
And if you go with Diablo's buy a rear and get a free front. promotion runs a few more days I think. Full set of tires for $150 shipped isnt bad.

I believe the offer is good through the end of this month. I'm waiting for mine as we speak...

- BA
Yeah, get the diablo's this time cuz of the free tire offer. I'm out the door for under 200 mounted, balanced, and shipped. I like them so far, but haven't gotten on em too much yet. excellent wet traction.
The M1 is an older tire than the Diablo is its direct Pirelli counterpart, not the corsa version. You will simply find more to read on M1s due to their being around longer.

The Diablo rear is a better tire than the M1 rear, hands down. Fronts are pretty similar in how they work.

M1s are good, but Diablos are just a tad better. If you are a pretty quick rider, the diablo corsa is the way to go.
jonny toe tags:
My street tire suggestion still remains the Diablo Corsa (The SC was a closing suggestion for maximum performance); the Diablo is an excellent tire, however my preference is maximum grip, wear/longevity was of negligible concern.

The Diablo Corsa is actually biased to high performance street/track days, the SuperCorsa was designed for DOT racing requirements. My emphasis is purely based on traction, tires of course are at purely a subjective choice of the buyer. The Diablo of course is an excellent “sport” tire, with superb grip and increased longevity; again it’s ultimately choice of the rider as to their requirements (Mine being on emphasis on maximum traction in a DOT/street application)

The tire test indicates such, the Diablo Corsa was their recommendation for “Performance” sport tires and the Diablo was identified as a choice for “sport” applications; I would compare the M1 and the Diablo side-by-side; the M1 has greater market saturation and of course this has decreased the price to the general sportbike population.

If day-to-day usage includes mountain riding, minimal amounts of commuting (under 50 per day) and in climate weather riding; I would choose the M1 based on it’s known performance, availability, wear characteristics and low price. If your riding included track days, mountain riding and virtually no day-to-day commuting (under 50 miles per day), I’d suggest the Diablo Corsa (again based on performance), my personal choice is the SuperCorsa, as the majority of my riding is on the track, with an additional emphasis of miles accumulated on mountain roads; hence my key focus on traction; could I use the M1 or Diablo Corsa (or Diablo) for such? Certainly, however it will necessitate an adjustment as to my expectation of grip based on the tire choice, again all subjective to the rider/tire buyer/intended application.

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You guys know if the Pirelli deal is US-only?
Never mind..i just checked...it is.
Damn..that sucks.
vpreatr has given you the full scoop.:thumbup

I still believe that the regular Diablos or the M1 will give you more than enough grip for the street. I can drag knees all day long on either of them. My only gripe about using them for track duty is they over heat quickly and become pretty slippery...

Vpreatr is a racer and I image rides ALOT harder in the canyons than your normal rider will ever think about doing. If cost is no option, then the Corsas definitely are a better performing tire. I use them on my R6 which gets about 90% track use and 10% street use. My R1 (street only) gets either the M1 or regular Diablo. They fit my needs and are cheaper to replace when the ONE chews them up (as it does every 2k on the rear)...

- BA
No canyons here in Montreal.
It will be Diablos or M1's...
Just need to see the price of each.
I went to m1's from dunlops and you will love them. I have never heard any noise from my tires since all i can hear is exhaust/wind noise anyways. M1's have great grip and handle good too. Dont sweat it you will like them.
soulrazer said:
And if you go with Diablo's buy a rear and get a free front. promotion runs a few more days I think. Full set of tires for $150 shipped isnt bad.

Where is this deal??? I would like that deal!!:eek:

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