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Does anyone have any comments on the Pitbull stands?

What are the other stands that you are using?

Is there any way to get a group buy for stands?


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I know that the Pitbull are the best, however, you are going to pay for them. Here is a site that has some great stands cheap. I ordered a set last year and as far as I am concerned, you can't go wrong with them.
http://www.handyindustries.com/urws.asp Check out the special deal where you get a front and rear for $99.00 this is what I ordered. Keep in mind that the R1's front forks are offset, so one is longer than the other, however, I have had no problems with it, it just turns your wheel slightly while using this stand. Works fine for storing over the winter or taking off your tires. It is at least worth a look into. It really is a great quality stand, not as shitty as one may think being so cheap!!!


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i have a pit-bull rear spooled stand and i love it !!!
i don't know how i ever did without it.
i weigh 210 lbs and i could sit on my R1 on the rear stand with no problems - it's rock solid.

i really want the standard front stand (i don't care for the fork stand), but i'm waiting until i have $140 to buy it.... :(

like szokr1 said, you are going to pay for a pit-bull stand, but i feel it's the best stand out there today.

one of my riding buddies has the handy stands for his mille... they are damn good stands for the $99 !!!

i would recommend them, but if you wrench on your R1 a lot and you can spend the extra $$$, i think the pit-bull is the way to go.

handy is the best bang for your buck :D
pitbull is the best quality stands :thumbup
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