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i have a pit-bull rear spooled stand and i love it !!!
i don't know how i ever did without it.
i weigh 210 lbs and i could sit on my R1 on the rear stand with no problems - it's rock solid.

i really want the standard front stand (i don't care for the fork stand), but i'm waiting until i have $140 to buy it.... :(

like szokr1 said, you are going to pay for a pit-bull stand, but i feel it's the best stand out there today.

one of my riding buddies has the handy stands for his mille... they are damn good stands for the $99 !!!

i would recommend them, but if you wrench on your R1 a lot and you can spend the extra $$$, i think the pit-bull is the way to go.

handy is the best bang for your buck :D
pitbull is the best quality stands :thumbup
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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