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Pocketbikes (a.k.a. minimotos) are really not "minibikes" in the traditional sense - they are miniature GP Racing motorcycles. Machines accurate in detail, proportion, and craftsmanship to any world-class GP bike. Disc brakes front and rear, racing tires, fairings, beautiful lightweight aluminum alloy cast perimeter frame and swingarm - these things are works of motor-art...the kind of thing that would look right at home sitting in a corporate VP's office, among objects of art and high technology as a trophy.

Although they would also look fine on your mantle as an impressive centerpiece, the Pocketbikes shine best in competition (don’t confuse these with those weed-wacker motor powered replica toys). Depending on the model and HP, performance varies with even the base level 4.2 hp models offering about 40-45 mph, stock.
Engine kits and other hot mods are available for bolting together open-class machines of over 12 hp, and with a little porting and massaging, the production of well beyond 12.5 hp is possible from the incredibly compact and efficient designs. We now even offer 40cc and 50cc open-class factory prepared racers, putting the power-to-weight ratio of this motorcycle racing form in a class by itself.

At a range in price from just over $1200.00 to $3000.00+ for a full-on race prepared model, they are not cheap, but these are by far the lowest priced ticket into the world of competition motorcycle racing (or any other kind of motor racing). But how’s this for low cost: You don't even need a trailer! These rugged little pocket rockets are small enough to carry under one arm and fit in a car trunk, and can be raced in parking lot competitions or on kart tracks.

Pretty neat. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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