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quick6r said:
Since you have a bit of experience with powdercoating........ how long do you think it will hold up on the brake and clutch levers under normal use???
Powdercoating if properly pretreated & cured should last for years, provided the right chemistry is used. Be sure to use Urethane or Polyester for the correct UV stability, as Epoxy & hybrids will chalk/oxidize in a season from exposure to sunlight.

Powder will withstand any chemicals/solvents you can throw at it, if cured properly and not transfer or come off, and if pretreated & cured properly adhesion should not be an issue even when components are bent/distorted.

The only issue with powder is the high film build, this can be an issue in tight tolerance areas, such as bushing & cable end locators, be sure to mask those areas prior to application. If they are not masked, its dremel time :thumbup
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