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what do you guys think about me making rims look that way, any suggestions????? what about maybe a different color.

changed the pic so scroll down to get a view
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I know some1 that powdercoated their rearset heel plates and other metal parts on their 2002 R1, I can ask him what it entails and how difficult it would be. I just hate paying big-bucks for sth'n I might be able 2 do 4 less.....more power 2 ya:beer
Hey, I never thought I could take my bike apart but I learned..........i'm gonna see him at the end of the month, he's in midtown like me

Still wait'n 4 the clutch parts....:mad:

Here is the post in case ur interested


When I get the parts, hopefully end of this week or beginning of next week I will keep every1 informed on this ongoing project...wish me luck...I miss my R1:(
Hey Need4speed

that looks kewl aswell, but I like the powdercoat better for some reason. Reminds me of TRON on wheels. Both look hot though!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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