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ntm69 said:
Actually I also see Edwards to make the top 5.
He is strong and has passion!

About Giberau, I think he will not even make the top 5 in the 125cc. Sorry that guy has no brains, just trys to muscle his way to a win!
no chance!
Gibernau is a good rider but has had his confidence shot to pieces and is just trying too hard. He's certainly not in Rossi's class but is definitely top 5 and could have pushed Rossi to the wire this year if he hadn't ended up in the gravel on the last turn of the first race. Gibernau proved he's got guts and can handle the pressure as he beat Rossi twice the season before with an awful lot of pressure on him after Kato's death. I've no idea how well he'll do in 06 if the last two years are anything to go on a lot will depend on the first couple of races.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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