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Dave Moss has been working on a pre-season prep checklist over the past couple weeks, and he's about wrapped it up. He's been linking it on Facebook daily for discussion, and now the completed list is up. Dave's checklist covers:

  1. Steering head and bearings
  2. Swing arm pivot and bearings
  3. Shock linkage
  4. Gearing
  5. Brakes and lines
  6. Clip ons, levers, and rear sets
  7. Fuel injectors/carburetors and air filter
  8. Body work
I am not going to post the content of his checklist here, but you can view it at http://feelthetrack.com/free-vidoes/pre-season-prep/.

It's an excellent source of information and can likely help organize the tasks needed for the season ahead.

If you have any questions for Dave, hit him up on Facebook, or post in this thread. He has a membership here from when we did the live webcast with him, so I can let him know if there is something for him to address here.

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Sounds interesting.


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I'd just like to start by saying I enjoy danQ's threads.

This ones no different. Decent list one thing I didn't see on there is rider prep though... The physical aspect, strength and more important endurance training. And the mental prep... I start there by Chilling out for a day before a big ride, ongoing "training" involves constant acuity and vision tests(peripheral focusing and two to 3 step viewing) as a matter of my pre season routine I usually have a Video game on one screen and a show on the other and play the game in my peripheral vision. Sounds goofy but it's improved my "lock on" for turn ins and braking points plus around blind corners on a street this can be a life saver.
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