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I need some advice, guys. On the recommendation of another rider, I placed an online order (credit card) with motorcycletireplanet.com. The order was placed on 5 Feb., and by 20 Feb. it was still listed on their site as "received". I sent an e-mail to their "instant help" staff and received no reply within 5 days, at which point I sent an e-mail to their president. Again, I received no reply, so I sent an e-mail requesting a cancellation of the order. I have received no reply on this either, and the order is still listed as "received" but not processed or shipped.

What worries me is that I tried to call the telephone number listed on their site, and the number is no longer in service. No further information given, so now I'm a little concerned that something might be a little shady here.

Has anyone here done business with these tools? If so, did you get your products, or are these guys a bunch of crooks or something?

Thanks in advance for your opinions/advice.

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