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I've painted my R1 lexus perl white. I had to repaint a few pieces due to fisheyes. Upon repaint, I had lifting and swelling of the paint underneath wherever I broke throught the paint. The places where I just scotch-brited are fine, but where I sanded out the imperfections and broke through the clear coat, there is a mess.

You can literally peel the paint off with your fingernail on these lifted spots once it has "cured"

I suspect the problem is my flex additive. I used NEXA flex additive but I used ppg's cheap brand Value Clear.

Has anyone had problems with flex additive making underlying paint volitile? I'm wondering if it is the combination of brands.

I had to sand off everything to plastic and start over. Even tried using barcoat before that, but the barcoat accents the imperfections, as it is too thick.

Anyone? I know there are some bike painters on here.
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