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Pros & Cons Going From R1 To R6?

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Howdy everybody, so my r1 went to shit! I was thinking about getting an r6 to replace it as that's all I can afford. My r1 was my first bike and has been about the only bike I have rode consistently for the past 6 years. I was looking for some input as to whether I will be happy with the pep in the r6. Just looking for pros and cons from people who have had both. Thanks all for your time and happy riding!
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When you get over the reduction of power, you will be fine.
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Your cornering should feel better and your straight line speed will be different.
a lot of guys love the R6 over the 1 due to power and gyro effect
I loved both of my R6s on the track.
I was thinking about getting an r6 to replace it as that's all I can afford.
End of thread. ;)

What year was your R1? My '02 R1 took a sh*t at a trackday and I was at a Yamaha dealer the next day and "accidently" bought an R6.

Pros to an R6:
  • should be cheaper insurance for a smaller displacement bike.
  • chicks still dig 'em.
  • "this one goes to eleven..." power band hits much higher, gets really fun when you can let it scream.
  • if you ride solo, the difference in power is not that noticeable, just where it hits.
  • 180 rear instead of 190+, cheaper tires.

Cons to an R6:
  • if you ride 2-up it doesn't quite have the same pep (if your chick is small and tight, not an issue).
  • ego-dudes will think you have a smaller dick.
  • it's not an R1.

If it's 2005 and up, the difference is not that great for street riding. If you are one of the very few that can wring the neck of an R1, the R6 might be a small disappointment but the difference is not as great as you might think. Many still happily race an R6. For around town, sport riding and trackdays, you'll have as much fun, just in a different part of the tach. Two wheels are fun, I'm almost ready to pick up a Grom as a backup bike. Bikes of all sizes are fun, enjoy.
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If you’re street riding wait a year, save some coin, and get a bigger bike.

if you’re track riding then the decision becomes much more difficult
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You will need to be careful going from R1 to R6. The R6 will actually corner much faster than the R1. If you ride with a group and you have a competitive mentality, your R6 will be hoover around the redline most of the time. You will tent to enter corner faster, later, carrying more corner speed and increasing speed sooner on the R6 compares to the R1. The R1 will be faster on wide open canyon. All said, it is you who need is the most important factor. How your ride, where you ride and your riding mentality will determine your joy of riding and keep on riding.

A seasoned riding friend asked me to talk down his nephew into getting the R6 instead of the R1. His nephew was riding pretty good. I told him what I am saying now. The R6 is more dangerous to him on canyon if he has the mentality to be the first at the designation point.
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