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On the Ohlins rear shock, there is the pheumatic preload adjustment. It allows a fine adjustment to preload on the bike.
Can the preload be changed in a more coarse manner, such as using a spanner tool? Or Does the shock have to be compressed to make more coarse preload adjustments?
Someone told me that you would have to compress the shock to change preload, which means that one only has the fine preload adjustment from the pneumatic adjuster. Hope I am making sense, and that someone can get me an answer for this.
I thought that all one has to do is loosen up the top preload collar (there are two - top and bottom one), and then just use the spanner wrench to put more or less preload on the spring, then tighten up the top collar again. Am I wrong?
there are teth on it like the stock shock i have never used this tho i always use the remote preload adjust but yes u can adjust it that way!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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