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Question about graphicartmotodesign.com

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Has anyone ordered form graphicartmotodesign.com? How long did it take to receive the items? I ordered over a week ago and haven't received the parts. I see nowhere on the website that gives an estimated delivery time. :eek:
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I have ordered from them numerous times. Everything I ordered came very quick. My undertail may have taken a little longer because it was bigger. But you should have your stuff any day now.

Robert is a stand up guy. You ordered an item from a company in Canada. It might take a few days. I have not heard of anyone unhappy from any dealings with Robert.
I order from Robert all the time. Everything has been delivered in a couple of days except for my undertail, which took a couple of weeks. Don't worry Robert is a reputable guy.
Totally legit and a really nice guy to boot

I've never had anything but great results from Rob- he's the nicest guy you'l meet and you needn't worry at all about not receiving your parts- he's as hoenst as they come..you should get your stuff any day.
I ordered some flushmounts from Robert and they were here in a couple of days. Just like the other guys said Robert is a great guy. But that still does not mean the UPS or USPS guys are great. If you feel its been too long give graphicmoto a call and check to see if they have a tracking number that you can check on the web.
What did you order from them? Some of the high demand items sometimes take them a while to get out simply because they get behind on building them. Sometimes they just can't keep up with the demand, and springtime is one of the busiest times of year for aftermarket motorcycle stuff.
Thanks Guys for the replies. I only ordered grips and a tank protector. Maybe they'll be here soon.
Thanks again. :thumbup
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