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Question About Lucky 13

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i was directed here by one of the members, but he didnt explain what the lucky 13 was all about. i dont race. i ride for my sanity. i live in ct and was looking for people in the area to ride with and was told there were CT members here.. if im able to join, ill email for my stickers today.. where do i go to see the CT members??
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I'm not a member of lucky 13 so I can't give a ton of details here but I'm sure someone from this squadron will chime in soon enough.

The squadrons on this forum aren't meant to be a "club" or "gang" or anything like that... It's simply a way for the numerous forum members to have a place to discuss local rides, great shops in the area, maybe a law enforcement crackdown on a certain road, etc. It's basically a place for fellow R1 members to get to know each other and have fellow forum members and R1 owners to ride with in their area. Sign up, get your sticker, and meet some really great people from the forum.

Hope that helped a bit.
yes thanks. gonna order stickers tonight.
Where do i go to see the CT members??
You're here! Make a different thread asking about CT members, or better yet, look for one here in the Squadron!
Sorry brother...I was posting form my phone...I'm finally on a desktop.

This is a place for all the new englander's and some NY/NJ.

Look here for peeps in your area....

Look here for all the jibberish that happens on a daily basis....

It's super quiet during the winter, but definitely picks up when the bikes are on the asphalt. All types of riders on here...racers, trackday guys, stunters, drag guys, and lots of street guys. We're all one big happy family. You'll see occasional group rides in different areas....or, just make one yourself. I'm always game to hang with some 13th brothers!

If you have any other questions, feel free to post up or throw me a message! I'll help ya out with whatever you need! (if I can, of course lol)
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