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The seat foam is supposed to be stiffer than normal. It is memory foam that will take shape once you sit on it.
Taken from the Corbin sit:
"Is the Corbin seat softer than my stock one?
When the question of seat softness is raised, it actually brings up several issues. First off, a soft foam is actually detrimental to riding comfort (most stock motorcycle seats use a foam density of 3-4 pounds). When a foam is too soft, it does not offer the rider the support that is needed for the long haul and given time will compact to the point to where it offers no resiliency at all. When this occurs, the rider usually assumes that the seat is too hard, when in fact the problem has arisen from the foam being too soft.
Corbin's solution is to use a contoured "Comfort Cell?" foam. This foam is of the closed cell variety which means that it is made up of a series of small bubbles which hold air pockets that keep the saddle resilient indefinitely. Corbin foam is designed to give us the flexibility to vary the density of it to suit the design of the saddle (low profile seats require denser foam) and is cast into a shape that disperses the rider's weight over a greater area of square inches, therefore eliminating pressure points. This is what we call "ergonomic shaping". On average, Corbin foam is used at a density of approximately 7 pounds which after decades of testing has proven to provide the best combination of resilience with true riding SUPPORT!
In addition, Corbin's foam has a memory feature. After a break-in period of approximately 1500-2000 miles, the saddle will actually take on the shape of the rider which provides even better weight dispersion and custom fitted comfort."

Personally, I have had one for 2 years now. I tried riding a few days this year with the stock seat because I like to flick the bike around sometimes. My nuts were smashed up against the tank the whole time and my back was hurting me. I went and put the seat back on as soon as I could. The Corbin seat does hinder the flickability of the bike. So I ended up ordering another Corbin seat covered in very glossy leather carbon fiber weave that slid more when flicking the bike. That pretty much solved that concern.
The seat is a great investment.
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